Classroom Course » Level 2 “Health & Human Services Equity for LGBTQ" Training

Dates & Times:
December 09, Thursday 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Napa County HHSA

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This training assists agency staff wishing to implement research-based and community-defined practices effective in serving LGBTQ clients and families.  The training explores vocabulary and linguistic considerations, provides essential information about sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity and expression and intersections of those issues with health and social services systems.  Recommended practices for inclusion of LGBTQ clients are presented along with action steps and examples to help carry them out. 



Provide HHSA Staff with the fundemental information on the the types of and impact of health inequities facing the LGBTQ population and recommeded strategies and skills to be applied/developed to reduce them and provide quality services to Napa County residents that identify as LGBTQ.1) Be able to differentiate between and communicate about gender identity and sexual orientation for written forms and oral communications; 2) Apply enhanced CLAS standards when working with LGBTQ in their own workplace; 3) Gain an understanding of the stressors LGBTQ youth face and how to support them in healthy development; 4) Identify intersections of LGBTQ issues with multi-generational serving social services and gain practical ways to address those issues with research-based and community-defined best practices; and 5) Have greater knowledge of resource and referral information for LGBTQ individuals, their caregivers and families. 

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