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January 10, Monday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Welcome to course one De-Escalation. 

This course focuses on how you can use your skills as an MCR to de‑escalate rising situations before those situations get out of control, including providing caregivers and families with tools to help them de‑escalate situations themselves.


·        Describe the Mobile Crisis Responder role.

·         Describe personal verbal and nonverbal cues that lead to crisis escalation.

·         Recognize how our sympathetic nervous system influences our response to escalating situations.

·         Recognize the stages of the de‑escalation cycle to implement correlated interventions for each stage of a youth in crisis.

·         List at least five communication techniques to use during a crisis to de‑escalate, including building rapport.

·         Recognize additional techniques for de‑escalation beyond communication.

·         Demonstrate the ability to de‑escalate a crisis situation, alone and with a partner.

·         Identify when additional help is needed.

·         Recognize that de‑escalation involves the whole family, not just the youth.

·         List practical methods to help the family identify supports during and prior to a crisis.

·         Identify ways to assist families in de-escalating situations in the future.

·         List the elements of an appropriate safety plan.

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