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February 15, Tuesday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Loudoun County MHSADS

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YOUTH DLA 20 Training

The Daily Living Activities (DLA) Functional Assessment is a functional assessment, proven to be reliable and valid, designed to assess what daily living areas are impacted by mental illness or disability. The assessment tool quickly identifies where outcomes are needed so clinicians can address those functional deficits on individualized service plans. The DLA is intended to be used by all disabilities and ages. Developmental Disabilities and Alcohol/Drug Abuse forms are personalized for daily functional strengths and problems associated with those diagnoses. An Adult form exists for SMI and SPMI consumers over the age of 18 and a Youth form for consumers between the ages of 6 and 18. A sample of five domains (of the Twenty DLA Indicators) and the scoring criteria are listed in Appendix

Participants will initially learn why functional assessments are in the forefront of audits and accountability. They will participate in established pretests in order to experience the definition of reliability and validity. They will be introduced to criteria for scoring the functional assessment tool (copyrighted DLA) via the presentation of a current consumer’s functional assessment. Subsequently, small groups congregate under the supervision of the author to assess various members’ consumers using the DLA. Small groups confront intricate questions, misconceptions and learn to focus on functioning for designing measurable goals and treatment plans. In concluding the session, participants reconvene to examine DLAs and their correlation with level of care assignments, DSMIV, Axis V (GAF), scoring GAF with and without objective criteria and using functional assessments in treatment plans, progress notes, and tracking outcomes. 
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Facilitators: Stefani Whetzel, Ana Goncalves

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