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January 24, Monday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Welcome to Course 3: Trauma, the third of six courses in the Virginia (VA) Youth Mobile Crisis Responder (MCR) training. Just like the previous courses you have completed in the VA MCR training, this course includes real-world scenarios and time for hands‑on application of skills.

This course helps you to identify the different types of trauma you may encounter, as well as develop the skills to use a trauma‑informed approach when working with youth and caregivers who have experienced trauma.


·         Describe the various types of trauma.

·         Explain how each type of trauma may impact behavior, including racial and historical trauma.

·         Describe the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study and explain why it is important.

·         Describe how ACEs may present during a crisis event.

·         Describe the effects of toxic stress, and how this impacts development and mental health.

·         Describe the importance of a trauma‑informed approach, including the principles and values of trauma‑informed care, and how these principles should be incorporated into a mobile-crisis response..

·         Demonstrate the ability to use active listening skills when talking to families and youth in crisis.

·         Recognize when questioning triggers trauma.

·         List five ways to handle a situation in which questioning triggers trauma.

·         Demonstrate the ability to intervene in a crisis fueled by trauma.


 Erin Janovec 
 Grant Tomey 
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