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December 13, Monday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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Welcome to Course 6: Safety, the last of six courses in the Virginia (VA) Youth Mobile Crisis Responder (MCR) training. Just like the previous courses you have completed in the VA MCR training, this course includes real-world scenarios and time for hands-on application of skills.

This course covers safety for youth, family, and the MCR. It reviews some techniques for how to keep everyone safe, as well as information about when to bring in additional help.


·         List the safety practices in place within your locality.

·         Adopt a safety-through-empowerment mindset.

·         List at least four techniques for self-care.

·         Differentiate between compassion fatigue and secondary trauma.

·         Describe the methods to build a healthy rapport with youth and families.

·         Define Cultural Competence.

·         Explain why Cultural Competence is important.

·         Describe how your own cultural and societal views may influence your interactions with others.

·         Describe the relevance of situational awareness and its role in reducing personal safety risks.

·         Demonstrate the ability to assess risks in a response situation and enact safety practices.

·         Demonstrate the ability to assess a youth’s potential risk for harm to self and/or others and develop prevention strategies.

·         Recognize your own individual trigger and stress points.


 Amir Cotton 
 Allyson Pearce 
 Juliann Smith 
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