Classroom Course » 4. Developmental Disabilities

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December 21, Tuesday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Welcome to the Developmental Disabilities course, the fourth of six courses in the Virginia (VA) Youth Mobile Crisis Responder (MCR) Training.

Just like the previous courses you have completed in the VA MCR training, this course includes real‑world scenarios and time for hands‑on application of skills. It also includes pre‑work that should have been competed before today’s session, as well as post‑work to continue the learning outside of the classroom.

The Developmental Disabilities course covers how to recognize developmental disabilities in youth and how to communicate and work with those youth successfully. It also covers how trauma affects youth with developmental disabilities.


·         Explain how to recognize each developmental disability.

·         Recognize challenging and adaptive behaviors associated with developmental disabilities.

·         Recognize how co‑occurring mental health concerns may present in someone with a developmental disability.

·         List at least five strategies to communicate with youth with limited functional communication in crisis.

·         Demonstrate an ability to assess a youth with limited communication skills during a crisis.

·         Describe the experience of trauma among the developmental disability population.


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