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December 20, Monday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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Pathways, Inc.

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A program with major focus on assisting and training individuals with DD to maintain sefl control. Participant skill ability checklist required prior to participation in personal physical interventions taught in the curriculum.  Participants will demonstarte and practice verbal and non-verbal techniques along with personal physical interventions and de-escalation techniques. Participants must have received the SCIP Full course certification within the last 12 months to attend the "annual" SCIP-Refresher.
To provide staff who have received SCIP Full certification within the last 12 months an update in the verbal and non-verbal techniques as well as physical interventions.
Intended Audience:
SCIP Certified DD staff
Session Notes:

SCIP-R Annual Recertification for eligible direct care professionals

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